KET Global Financial Solutions is a boutique mortgage consultancy, specialising in mortgage and financing solutions for property purchases around the world as well as corporate lending and project funding.

We have developed the widest selection of banking and financing resources, project funding solutions and relationships with financial institutions around the world. Our professional team of financial consultants are ready to put them at your disposal, to ensure your satisfaction with the perfect financial solution to save you money.

When you’re with KET Global, you can rely on our long experience, extensive knowledge and personal touch to give you the best financial advice.

Our Services

Wherever you’re looking for loan financing, our highly-experienced and knowledgeable financial consultants will develop a personalised and flexible mortgage solution that will save you money. Our services include:

  • Conventional home loans
  • Commercial property loans
  • Refinancing and loan restructuring
  • Project funding
  • Financial consulting and advice